Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 99 pics

Week 99

Well this is my last letter I'm really excited to come home i have been really nervous haha because of my hemorrhoids... i haven't been able to go to the bathroom for a long time and so on Wednesday night i woke up and i thought i was dying i couldn't breathe it felt like i broke 3 ribs or someone just was stabbing me in the stomach so at 3 oclock in the morning i called my mission President and they were freaking out so they were like get a taxi and get to the hospital we will meet you there so we get in the taxi and fly to the hospital this whole time my stomach is just killing me Elder Begley said is this what its going to be like when my wife has her first baby haha and so we get to the emergency room and there like alright we will do a x Ray they do the X ray they come in President is sitting right there by me and they show us the X ray and i just have a ton of Poop all in my stomach its like up in my ribs and in my kidneys and so that's why he said my stomach hurts cuz its all inflamed my whole stomach so he said were going to give you a shot for the pain and were going to give you another thing that i didn't know what the word was and after the doctor leaves President goes you know what there going to give you right? and i was like no he said there going to do the same thing they gave me when i had my hip surgery and i couldn't poop there gonna stick a hose thing up you butt and pump you full of juices so you'll go poop so hahaha the nurse comes in he says roll over gives me a shot in my butt for the pain that he says ill be right back and he comes back with this big old plastic thing and some lube haha but the funniest thing is I'm thinking President is going to leave and hes just like no ill just turn my head so he turns his head and the doctor puts that thing up there and I'm just screaming  like a little school girl and President mecham is sitting there laughing his head off just laughing so hard haha so they give me that i went to the bathroom alittle bit but the worse thing is i haven't been able to go to the bathroom for 3 days so my last 3 days here all the missionaries have just been making remedies too try to get me to go to the bathroom so the moral of the story is that I'm so nervous to come home i cant even go to the bathroom but hahahaha I'm really excited its been a great couple of days on Wednesday we went to the temple and did a session then on Thursday we had our last interviews and we did the changes for all the missionaries with President what a great experience that was to see how the lord works here in the mission we did a fast with President and we were praying and it just all came together really good after the change meeting we went to Presidents house to eat some great food that sister Mecham made us and the whole time President is just laughing his butt off about the hospital and that i was screaming like a girl haha there great people i love them so much  then yesterday we went to the judges to marry mario and claudia and we had his baptism interview yesterday and he is getting baptized today at 5 well I'm not going to write a huge letter but i hope that you all know how much i love you and appreciate your love and kindness and support that you have shown me these last 2 years i really do have the best family and i love them something that President told me in my last interview that was my goal that i told him about a year ago when i had a special interview i told him i just want to change i want to be better i want to be a good man like my dad and be more like him President told me Elder you have done it you have changed and i know that your parents are proud of you now you just got to keep on going when you get home he said you are converted but your conversion needs to be alot deeper and its only going to come from keeping the comandmantes and to just keep on going as you do that he said you testimony and conversion will keep growing... and so that's exactly what i plan on doing i love all of you thank you :)

The best 2 Years:):) wohoooo see you guys soon!

Con Amor Elder Tams󾓩󾓩

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 98 pics

Week 98

only 1 more week..... this week was a great week we had zone conferences  this week and we went around and taught all of the missionaries they were great conferences for me and for everyone the zone leaders sister trainers everyone did awesome we talked about being converted and not conforming to the mission and the rules not just going through the motions something that president said that really helped me he told a story of when him and sister mecham and his 2 grand kids wanted to climb up this mountain in November and see all the leafs and he said there was a little bit of snow and so sister rmecham was pumped up and they started he said about half way sister mecham sat down on a log and said nope im not going farther its cold and I'm tired and president said no were going were going to make it lets go stop pouting and lets go!! so they kept going they got about half way up and again sister mecham said no ya were going back the snows to deep and then his 2 grand kids started crying and said ya grandpa we want to go back and president said he told his 2 grand kids he said you have Mecham blood in you and Mechams do not throw in the towel i don't care if i have to put you both on my shoulders and Carry sister mecham in my arms we are making it to the top... he said you guys don't have mecham blood in you but you do have the blood of your family how do you want to represent them? in that moment i thought 1 more week i have i am representing them in a good week and I'm proud of it 1 more week i haven't thrown in the towel i have fought the good fight and i haven't lost the faith!! he said they finally made it to the top of the mountain and sister mecham said Bryan your right its beautiful up here! we made it it was worth it he said but something interesting happened as they were coming down the mountain his 2 grand kids were running down the mountain and sister mecham they had so much energy and he asked what happened you were just barely so tired and now your running!! he said that's how its going to be when we finish our missions we are going to get to the top of the mountain and ya maybe the journey is going to be hard the mission will be hard but he said if you just conform to the mission you will get to the top of the mountain but nothing will change because you hadn't really changed anything on your mission he said when you finish your mission you will receive 100 fold like the scripture said you will get to the top and have energy to run down the hill with your work school family you will have the strength because you learned how to do it here on the mission!! family i am so grateful that i have stayed and that i have done the lords will i cant explain the happiness that i feel now and I'm so ready to get home and just keep running keep going on with my life and keep doing it i know its going to be hard but I'm excited i don't want it any other way because I'm not scared because i know that i can do it i know how and i am eternally grateful I'm eternally grateful for my mission President i cant explain the love that i have for him and his wife after one of the conferences they took me and Elder Begley out to eat at sirloin its like chuck a rama but here in Mexico and we were talking in the car he was just telling us stories and stories of before the mission how he got called to be mission President and how it was a big surprise and i told him well be careful you still got lots of more years to live and he said ya well we will see he said i just want to ride horses with my grand kids have barbeque's with you guys and your kids and when he said that i could really just feel the love that he has for each one of us he is a great man it was funny because i was telling him i said i don't know why but one of the things that I'm most excited about is getting home and working construction with my dad i said he sent me a picture the other day framing a pole barn in the snow and i just thought oh how i want to be with him working hahaha i said its funny because i remember telling my dad before the mission i don't want to go frame this is hard work i never want to do this work when I'm older i said but now its what I'm looking forward to most is putting on my work clothes and going out in the cold and working construction with my pa President said everything changes in the mission now you have a new perspectiva on life and its so true I'm excited to see all of you guys and i just wanted to tell you all thanks for your support and love i have often gotten letters from random people from the ward or aunts and uncles i am thankful for all of you the mission is the best thing any young man can do!!!
con mucho amor y gratitud por cada uno de ustedes!! toda vía hay  mucho mucho felicidad y amor y gozo para nosotros en este vida the best is yet to come !
Elder Tams📘